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Here are the original GTA PC cheats from the original Grand Theft Auto game which was released way back in 1997. It was also released on the PlayStation too.

The following GTA PC cheats can be entered as your name to activate the corresponding effect.

All weapons, armor and ‘Get out of jail free card’
(Press ‘*’ for all weapons during gameplay)
All levels and cities unlockeditsgallus or nineinarow
All weapons
(Press ‘*’ for all weapons during gameplay)
buckfast or callmenigel
Infinite livesitstantrum
No policeiamthelaw or stevesmates
10x multiplier% machine
Max Pointsitcouldbeyou
View FMV sequencesheartofgold
Turn on bad languageiamgarypenn
Turn off bad languageiamnotgarrpenn

Debug Mode

You can enter debug mode by pressing delete at the character select screen and entering porkcharsui and pressing enter. The follow the instructions below to have a play with the game in debug mode.

Effect Key
Restart level [F12]
Screen capture in .TGA format
(not in 3Dfx mode)
Zoom outK
Alternate zoom out]
Zoom inL
Alternate zoom in[
Pan camera up[Keypad 8]
Pan camera down[Keypad 2]
Camera right pan[Keypad 6]
Camera left pan[Keypad 4]
Center camera view[Home]
Pause and advance single frame[Numberpad Plus]
All weapons with full ammo[Keypad Asterisk]
Current status and coordinatesC
Change screen modeR
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Further Reading

You can find out more about the history of Grand Theft Auto and the original game by visiting this Wikipedia page about the game:

Grand Theft Auto – Wikipedia

Here is a link to the official website for the original Grand Theft Auto game, and at the time writing is still online and working. Really interesting as it was probably built around the time of the game release in 1997

Grand Theft Auto – Original official website

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