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GTA Online Nightclub Guide


Our GTA Online Nightclub guide for the After Hours DLC will take you through everything you need to do to start one and run it successfully.

With the addition of the GTA Online After Hours DLC, there were a number of new businesses that you can own in the game, one of which is Nightclubs which are a great way of earning money, and also a great place to store some of your vehicles.

GTA Online Nightclub Guide

The option to own a nightclub comes after you have downloaded the GTA After Hours Update. There are 10 different nightclubs that are available to purchase, the main difference really is the location and price. They all have pretty much the same business options and interiors so it’s going to down to how much you want to shell out in cash to buy one and what location suits your game the best.

Here is a rundown of the 10 nightclubs available and their prices.

West Vinewood Nightclub – $1,700,000
Downtown Vinewood Nightclub – $1,670,000
Del Perro Nightclub – $1,645,000
Strawberry Nightclub – $1,525,000
La Mesa Nightclub $1,500,000
Mission Row Nightclub – $1,440,000
Cypress Flats Nightclub – $1,370,000
Vespucci Canals Nightclub – 1,320,000
LSIA Nightclub – $1,135,000
Elysian Island Nightclub – $1,080,000

Changing Nightclub Name

One other thing to note it that you can change the name of the nightclubs at any point, one of the names are free, but the other name changes come at a price:

Omega – for free
Galaxy – $33,500
Gefangnis – $33.500
Maisonette Los Santos – $33,500
Paradise – $33,500
Studio Los Santos – $33,500
Technology – $33,500
The Palace – $33,500
Tony’s Funhouse – $33,500

Nightclub Business

The nightclubs as your first or only business it not such a great option as even when it is at full popularity you’ll only be able to earn the max daily in-game profit of $10k. To maintain the highest level of popularity you have to regularly run promotion missions. You’ll also need to collect the daily profit from the safe yourself. So in terms of it being an efficient way to make money as your first or second business in the game, it’s not that great and will consume too much of your playing time for the return that you get.

However let’s not give up on the idea of a nightclub right away, with our GTA Online Nightclub guide you can learn that it’s great when used in conjunction with other businesses that been unlocked already. Check out the nightclub’s PC management tab to see the kind of things that you can do with your nightclub based on what other businesses you have unlocked.

You’ll find that you can make a tidy daily profit from the nightclub and it’s pretty much hands free.

Nightclub Raids

One unfortunate thing about running a nightclub in GTA Online is that it will get raided, regularly! So basically if you are inactive for 4 hours or have 20% or more available stock stored you run the risk of being raided. You can however opt for the security upgrade and this will double the hours and stock capcity before you get raided.

Your nightclub only runs the risk of being raided if during those 4 (or 8 with the security upgrade) hours you don’t do anything related to game missions.

The security upgrade is definintely something essential for your nightclub if you are aiming to run it as a money making business.

Warehouse Technicians

If you want to use your nightclub in conjunction with other businesses and start producing items, you’ll need technicians. You can up to 5 technicians working in a nightclub and their cost variers from 100k – 300k. Technicians are assigned via the Warehouse Management option. You’ll also need to make sure that your nightclub has enough storage floors for all these techicians, so make sure your number of floors are maxed out to make sure you make the most profit from your nightclub.

After you have added technicians you’ll need to purchase the raw products for them to turn into saleable goods. We recommend that you get the equipment upgrades as this will reduce the production time of itmes.

All in all, if you are maxed out in terms of the number of technicians and they are all producing you can potentially make roughly $40k every hour from the nightclub business.

In addition to this and assuming your nightclub is at full popularity you’ll also be able to withdraw 10k from the safe in the warehouse daily.

Equipment Upgrades

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Upgrading your equipment will reduce the time it takes for you to make each product. The initial cost of the upgrade is very expensive, but in the long run, you’ll be producing everything twice as fast, therefore making double profits. This is a no-brainer, and something you should definitely do if you are running your nightclub as a business.

Nightclub Profits

Each of the goods you produce using the nightclub warehouse facility will earn a different level of profit and take a different length of time to complete. While it looks like you are better off just allocating all of your space to just the most profitable product, it’s not really the case because you’ll be stuck when it comes to fulfilling special orders.

Take a look below at this rundown of the profitability of each business and the length of time each one takes to complete.

South American Imports – Coke
Value – $20000
Normal Accrue Time – 240 minutes ($5000/hour)
Upgraded Accrue Time – 120 Minutes ($10000/hour)

Cargo and Shipments – Warehouse
Value – $10000
Normal Accrue Time – 140 minutes ($4285/hour)
Upgraded Accrue Time – 70 Minutes ($8570/hour)

Pharmaceutical Research – Meth
Value – $8500
Normal Accrue Time – 120 minutes ($4250/hour)
Upgraded Accrue Time – 60 Minutes ($8500/hour)

Sporting Goods – Bunker
Value – $5000
Normal Accrue Time – 80 minutes ($3750/hour)
Upgraded Accrue Time – 40 Minutes ($7500/hour)

Cash Creation – Cash
Value – $3500
Normal Accrue Time – 60 minutes ($3500/hour)
Upgraded Accrue Time – 30 Minutes ($7000/hour)

Organic Produce – Weed
Value – $1500
Normal Accrue Time – 40 minutes ($2250/hour)
Upgraded Accrue Time – 20 Minutes ($4500/hour)

Printing & Copying – Forged Documents
Value – $1000
Normal Accrue Time – 30 minutes ($2000/hour)
Upgraded Accrue Time – 15 Minutes ($4000/hour)

Coke comes in as the most profitable business, but you don’t really want to just produce that, keep it varied to help you fulfill special orders.

Selling Goods

This is quite simple, just go the Sell Goods menu and check out the options available. It’s easier to sell everything at once, but it may not always be the best or most profitable option. Check out Special Orders to see if there are any specific requests that you need to fill. Completing these will often give you a bit of a bonus so they are worth looking out for. Another thing to bear in mind is that Gay Tony will want his slice of the pie, so be prepared for him to take a 10% cut of your sales.

Nightclub Storage

When you get your nightclub, it comes with one level of storage, you can upgrade this. We recommend that you max out your storage upgrades, to get an extra 4 levels of storage and 3 10-car garages! What better place to store all of those vehicles that you’ve unlocked that in the back of your very own nightclub!

Even if you don’t decide to run your nightclub as a business, using it as a facility to store your cars is a great option and a cool place to have them all so you can find them easily.

We hope you have found our GTA Online Nightclub Guide useful. If you are interested in knowing some ways to make money in GTA Online, then check out our GTA Online Money Guide.

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