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Despite the game being released in 2013, GTA Online still has a regular inflow of new players signing up to play this landmark tile, so we thought it would be pretty cool to have a Beginners Guide to Making Money on GTA Online, because the path to riches is not so easy when you are starting out in Los Santos.

Beginners Guide to Making Money in GTA Online

Robbing Stores and Selling Cars are a couple of ways a beginner to GTA Online can make some easy money, here’s how to get started with that.

Robbing Stores
To get some easy cash head to a store, usually the convenience stores are pretty easy targets and fire a couple of warning shots at the cashier, they should open their till in no time at all. A couple of things to bear in mind though is that if you continue to rob the same place eventually the cashier will get guns and things will be more difficult and if you conduct more than one of these per hour more or less your wanted level will start to rise making it a lot harder to get away from the cops. Make sure you have your getaway vehicle in place and your route to a good hiding place mapped out so you can lie low til the heat dies down.

Stealing Cars
Another easy way to make cash fast for a beginner is to steal a car and sell it at LS customs, depending on the car you’ll get carying amounts of money and it is an option to do when you are waiting for things to do after robbing a store.

Flight School
Also consider completing the challenges in Flight School, it’s a little more time and effort, but you’ll get $230k if you manage to finish everything.

Contact Missions
Contact Missions are another great way to earn money in GTA Online. When you first start out in the game, there may be none available to do, but as your rank increases new Contact Missions become available. They can be completed on your own and will give you job points, GTA$ and reputation points. The amount you get depends on the difficulty of the mission and how long it takes you to complete it. If you complete the missions faster you get less of a payout. Generally you get the full payout if you take 15 minutes or more on a Contact Mission.

VIP Bodyguard
Another alternative to making cash early in the game is to find a CEO and ask to be his bodyguard. If you can’t find one to take you on then try getting some MC work which can still be more profitable than robbing stores.

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Save Money
Another great money making tip for a beginner is to not spend money on stuff you don’t need right now. Don’t blow your cash on cars and weapons that you don0t need right now, at this stage of the game you should be focusing on saving up to make some clever investments that will bring you in money for free over time.

Instead save it for investments in a VIP highrise of an MC Club, these will increases your hourly cash rate. Then with the money coming in, save up for a cheap warehouse and an import/export garage, and your business and income will surely grow from there.

Other Money Making Ideas in GTA Online

We’ve listed above some of the ways you can get started making money in GTA Online, once you have some experience in the game, then you can consider a these other ways to make money in GTA Online

Heists are a great way to get a heap of cash relatively quickly. Heists are multi-chapter, multi-player missions where you get together with a group of players to conduct one of the heists in the game. You do need to be at least level 12 before you can setup a heist and we recommend that you take a look at our Heists guide to check out the rewards and bonuses that are on offer before you get started with Heists in GTA Online.


Warehouse Cargo
Once you have made a bit of cash, this option is a really popular method to generate cash relatively easily and you can do it on your own. You will need to purchase an office building and a warehouse though. It doesn’t matter so much which one, so the cheapest is fine. And don’t fill it out with loads of things that you don’t need as it won’t make a difference to the amount of money that you can earn.

Warehouse Cargo

With the office and warehouse you can start to do the vehicle and special cargo jobs. These are high return crimes that will soon make you back the money that you have invested in your warehouse and office. Fill your warehouse with the stolen cars that you are assigned to steal and deliver them to the buyer, it’s as simple as that.

Time Trials
If you are a great driver and have a fast car, then competing in Time Trials is a great way to each cash in GTA Online, but you have to be good at driving, if this is not your thing then stick to the above methods to make money in GTA Online.

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