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GTA Online Arcade Guide


If you want to participate in the Diamond Heist, you’ll need an Arcade which will be used a a front for you criminal activities during the Diamond Heist.

There are a number of Arcades available to purchase in GTA Online ranging from $1.2m – $2.5m. However if you are a Twitch Prime member (this just means that you have a Twitch account and an Amazon Prime account) you can redeem a free arcade just by linking your Twitch Prime account to your Rockstar Games account. Then just head over here to get your free arcade:

Currently, there are 6 arcades available to purchase, 4 are located in the south and 2 in the north:

  • Pixel Pete’s – Paleto Bay – $1,235,000 (free with Twitch Prime)
  • Wonderama – Grapeseed – $1,565,000
  • Videogeddon – La Mesa – $1,875,000
  • Insert Coin – Rockford Hills – $2,345,000
  • Warehouse – Davis – $2,135,000
  • Eight-Bit – Vinewood – $2,530,000
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Once you have your arcade, either free by linking your Twitch Prime account to your Rockstar account, or by purchasing one in game from the list above you should begin to make your arcade into an operating business, this takes a bit of cash to kit it out, but it is an essential step before you can start planning your Diamond Casino Heist

Making Money from Arcades
As well as being an essential building for you to participate in the Diamond Casino Heist, arcades can also provide their own legitimate steady stream of income. With a basic arcade with no upgrades you can expect to make around $500 per day, but this rises significantly the more you kit it our with games. You can expect to raise the total daily profits from the Arcade to up to $5000 a day if you fill it with enough games. The safe in the arcade holds $50k so make sure you head back regularly to empty it out before it fills up.

Specifics seem to vary somewhat, but the default amount of money made from buying an arcade and not adding any additional games is roughly $500 every in-game day (that’s 48 minutes in the real world). It might be a bit more or less, but it averages to be about that much. You don’t even need to do anything to make it generate cash, just sit back and play the game while it slowly accrues money.

If you want to rearrange the machines in your arcade at any point you can do so with the laptop in the office, where you should also find the safe incidentally.

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