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GTA London 1969 PC Cheats


Launched in 1999 as an expansion to the original Grand Theft Auto game, here are all GTA London 1969 PC cheats.

The cheats below are activated by entering the corresponding code as your name.

(unlimited lives, all weapons, 10x multiplier, no police, change car color, level select, ability to shoot from car) – press * to get all weapons
Infinite Lives6661970
All Weapons
(press * during gameplay after you enter the code for all weapons)
All Items and Max Points
(press * during gameplay after you enter the code for all weapons)
Level Select, Unlimited Lives and Get out of Jail Free cardTRAVELCARD
Unlimited Loves and 10x multiplierIAMGOD
No policeTITHEAD
Unlimited LivesASAWINDOW
Shoot from car and Max PointsDRIVEBY
Turn Off Police Scanner and Max PointsSILENCE
Change Car Color and Max PointsPSYCHADELIC
Debug modeROMMEL

As it obvious from the title, the game is set in London in 1969 and brings a new map to the original GTA game. These GTA London 1969 PC Cheats are intended to enhance the gameplay and allow for some fun stuff to happen in the game outside of the normal characteristics of the game.

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At the time of writing the Rockstar’s official website for GTa London 1969 is still online, and looks pretty much unchanged from when it launched back in 1999! You can check it out here: Offical GTA London 1969 website.

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