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GTA 5 Money Guide


Everyone playing GTA 5 loves to make money, and everyone loves to know how to make money fast in GTA 5. Read our GTA 5 money guide and you’ll soon be sitting on a pile of in-game cash!

Stock Market Investing

We’ve extensively covered Stock Market Investing in GTA 5 over on this page of our website:

How to Use the Stock Market to Make Millions in GTA 5

The above link will tell you how to use the Assassination Missions from Lester to make tons of money on the Stock Market, it also tells you how to get a really nice tip from a Stock Broker, and how to generally invest on the Stock Market in GTA 5.

GTA 5 Money Cheats

We take a look at GTA 5 Money Cheats on the following page of our website:

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The page dispels any GTA 5 money cheat rumors and tells you what to be aware of with particular internet scams that promise money cheats in return for your information.

GTA 5 Quick Ways to Make Money

The hardest time to make money in GTA 5 is when you first start playing the game. There are no free money cheats, so you’ll have to resort to trying to earn it… Or stealing it! Here are a few suggestions:

Store Robberies
The best targets to go for initially in GTA 5 are the corner markets and small stores. Head in with your gun, and fire a couple of warning shots to the cashier an in no time at all he should be handing over the cash in the till, then make your escape as quick as you can until the heat dies down a bit, then pick another target and do the same. If you can rotate between a number of these similar targets without getting caught you should be on your way to getting a decent stash of cash to start the game with.

Watch out if if you hit the same place too often though you may find the cashier has a gun. If any time you make a robbery and they don’t open the register for you, then blast it open yourself with your gun.
To make your robbery more efficient make sure you are parked well outside teh store and have your getway route to a hiding place nearby planned out.

Be aware also tath you will increase your wanted level if you keep doing these robberies within too short a time period. Look to do one per hour max to not raise your wanted level.

Don’t Waste your Money
A good way to keep your cash flow positive, is to not waste it! While it’s great to fill your garage with the best cars you can find, at the beginning of the game you should be avoiding any extra expenses, and be purchasing just what you need.

Ammu-Nation Discount
Complete all of the Gun Range challenges to get a 15% discount at Ammu-Nation. For the sharpest of shooters, if you can achieve gold for all challenges gives, your discount will be raised to 25%.

Rob a Cash Truck
Early in the game, you should look out for the opportunity to rob an armored truck. These vehicles appear on the mini map from time to time as small blips. Rob these trucks to get a large amount of cash by blowing up the back doors with some C4 or your guns. You may also need to shoot the drivers too to make things easier. If you can successfully escape you can expect to bag around $5000 – $10000.

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