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On this page you’ll find all the GTA 3 PC Cheats. As well as the cheat codes, we’ve also included some tips and cheats that you can use during gameplay.

The GTA 3 PC Cheats are similar in effect to the GTA 3 PS2 cheats, although there are a couple of different weather effect codes, and of course the way that you enter the cheats are completely different.

Please note that some cheat effects may stay permanently in your game if you save your game while the cheats are enabled.

EffectCheat Code
Full ArmorTURTOISE (or TORTOISE in version 1.1)
Unlock all weaponsGUNSGUNSGUNS
Decrease Wanted levelNOPOLICEPLEASE
Increase Wanted levelMOREPOLICEPLEASE
Faster time/gameplayTIMEFLIESWHENYOU
Spawn Rhino (tank)GIVEUSATANK
Enable flying carsCHITTYCHITTYBB
Destroy nearby carsBANGBANGBANG
See through vehicles ANICESETOFWHEELS
Pedestrians attackNOBODYLIKESME
Pedestrians have weaponsWEAPONSFORALL
Really Foggy WeatherILOVESCOTLAND
Really, Really Foggy WeatherPEASOUP

GamePlay Cheats and Tips

Apart from the cheat codes that are listed in the table above, we have a few tips and cheats that are worth a look to help you out in the game and maybe do a few things that you did not know was possible.

Get More Cars in a Garage
There is a little trick to squeeze in more cars into a garage that normally is meant for two or more cars one.

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First of all squeeze in two cars as close together as possible next to a wall, now get another car and park it next to the garage door, get out of the car and the door will open, you’ll need to jump back into your car quickly and drive in before the door closes.

Using this method you should be able to get a couple more cars in. Just repeat the process to try to get another in, but you will need to shuffle the cars around a bit and park them very tightly.

Play Your Own Music
Locate the mp3 folder which is within the game folder, and copy some of your own MP3 files across into that folder. When you start the game, there will be a new radio station called ‘mp3’. Select that radion station to hear the mp3 files that you just copied across.

Easy Kill in Vigilante Missions
During a Vigilante mission, get close to a suspect’s car then pause the game and un-pause it, usually the suspect will just jump out of the car and you can now run them over.

Free Change Car Color
Pay for a repair on your car at the Pay ‘N Spray, the drive back for a free respray, this only works one time per repair.

Hidden Packages Bonuses

Collect 10 PackagesPistol
Collect 20 PackagesUzi
Collect 30 PackagesGrenades
Collect 40 PackagesShotgun
Collect 50 PackagesBody Armor
Collect 60 PackagesMolotov Cocktails
Collect 70 PackagesAK-47
Collect 80 PackagesSniper Rifle
Collect 90 PackagesM-16
Collect 100 PackagesRocket Launcher & $1,000,000

Check out this page for GTA 3 Hidden Package Locations

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