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GTA 3 Hidden Package Locations


We’ve reprinted the following instructions to find GTA 3 Hidden Package Locations from our good friends over at

Below is the list of Hidden Packages on Portland Island. There are a total of 100 Hidden Packages in the game and 31 of them can be found in Portland. The numbers correspond to the package listing found in the Brady Guide (pages 110-112). Those that require special instructions are noted. As stated earlier, the Hidden Packages are marked with an “H” for easier identification……


[H1] – On the very northwest corner of Portland Island behind the top of the Porter Tunnel entrance. It is on the waterfront just behind the tunnel entrance.

[H2] – On the top of the Head Radio building not far from the Flame Thrower icon.
Notes: You have to get onto the elevated train tracks and jump onto the top of the building from there.

St. Marks

[H3] – On top of the AMCO Gas Station.
Notes: Jump onto the wall surrounding the gas station. Then fall onto the building in the corner and then jump onto the gas station to collect the package.

[H4] – Inside Easy Credit Autos showroom.

[H10] – In the back area of the building one block south of the AMCO Gas Station.

[H11] – In the ruined building on the east side of the street with the giant potholes.

[H12] – In the small rooftop park due east of H11 and across the street (west) of Salvatore Leone’s house.
Notes: You’ll have to jump into the park using the rooftop by the parked Taxi.

[H18] – In one of the backyards running along an alleyway in southeast St. Marks.
Notes: It sits right by the Uzi Weapon Icon.

[H19] – In the middle of the long tunnel that runs underneath St. Marks between 8-Ball’s shop and the SuperSave store.
Notes: You can get Molotovs by killing the nearby tramps.

Portland Beach

[H5] – On the north ledge of Salvatore’s Mansion.

[H6] – On a small grassy area at the bottom north of the arch-like rock formation behind Salvatore’s Mansion.

Hepburn Heights

[H7] – Tucked away in the northwest section of the walled apartment complex just north of your Portland hideout.

[H8] – In small raised area in the middle of the park south of the Health Icon and north of the phones.

[H9] – In the middle of the trees just east of H8.

Red Light District

[H14] – On top of Luigi’s Sex Club 7.
Notes: Drive through the blue circle to avoid tripping a mission.

[H13] – On the southwest side of the blue colored roof area south of H14.
Notes: Should be gotten after getting H14.

[H15] – On rooftop across the street form Luigi’s Sex Club 7.
Notes: Access stairs near Rampage Icon to get to rooftop.

[H17] – Inside the Rush Construction Company.
Notes: Drive through windows to get inside.

Portland View

[H20] – On top of the SupaSave Store (southwest corner).
Notes: Go onto the elevated track and jump onto SupaSave.


[H16] – Near the Chinatown subway bathrooms.
Notes: You will have to unlock Staunton Island before you are able to get this package.

[H21] – In a small alleyway between Humco Trading co. and Hong Hung Inc. in Chinatown’s Main Market.

[H22] – On the rooftop of building with giant Rockstar sign in the southwest section of Chinatown. This building is right next to the elevated rail tracks and is just north of the Callaghan Bridge. There is a set of stairs in the middle of the building and can be accessed from the north side of the structure.

[H23] – In a small alleyway on the north side of Roast Peking Duck east of the building where H22 is located.

Portland Harbor

[H26] – On top of one of the large dock buildings.
Notes: Use the stairs along the building south of this one (by the Les Cargo ship) to get to the rooftop and then jump to the other building to get the package.


[H24] – Between the Bitch N’ Dog Food Factory and the west side of the wall that surrounds it.

[H25] – On top of Liberty Pharmaceuticals (north of the sign).
Notes: Get a car, drive to St. Marks, and drive up the stairs to the elevated tracks. Go along the left side of the tracks and as you approach the building, angle left so you fly off the tracks and land on top of Liberty Pharmaceuticals.

[H27] – Behind the fence of building north and across the street of Liberty City Sawmills not far from a Police Bribe and a Rampage Icon.

[H28] – Behind the fence and behind the AMCO Petroleum Company across the street from Joey’s Garage.

[H30] – On top (west side) of Liberty City Sawmills.
Notes: Use the very low wall to the east of the sawmill facility where the large buses are kept. Walk on the low wall and jump over the sawmill wall. Then go over to the large mound of sawdust to gain access to the rooftop.

Callaghan Point

[H29] – Behind the wall running along the ramp for the Callaghan Bridge on the east side of the Callaghan Point Power Plant.

[H31] – On the south side of the Turtle Head Fishing Co. on the south side of Callaghan Point.
Notes: You must get a Triad Fish Van to enter the facility.

Atlantic Quays

[H32] – By the blue container at the end of the long pier in the southeast part of Atlantic Quays.

Now it is time to find the Hidden Packages in Staunton Island.


[H33] – On the small island south of Portland (and south of the Turtle Head Fishing Co. in Callaghan Point).
Notes: This package can only be had by boat. Take one of the boats docked near Asuka’s Condo and go to the island to get the package.


[H34] – In the northwest corner of Phil Cassidy’s Army Surplus.

[H36] – On top of one of the overhangs at Carson General Hospital.
Notes: Drive one of the Ambulances near the Package and jump on top of the Ambulance to get to the Package.


[H35] – Behind one of the Rockstar billboards on the northeast side of Liberty Memorial Coliseum.

[H37] – At the main entrance to Liberty Memorial Coliseum.

[H41] – In an open garage within the gated area south of Liberty Memorial Coliseum.
Notes: You need a Cartel Cruiser to open the gate. You can find one at the construction site east in Fort Staunton.

Liberty Campus

[H38] – On the east side of the campus south of the St. Matthias University sign (between the building and the street).

Fort Staunton

[H39] – On the second floor of the unfinished Pan-Lantic building in the small room near the Healh and Body Armor Icons.
Note: The stairs leading into the unfinished building is just north of the blue walled area. Go up the stairs and head to the next corner ahead of you. As you get there, you will see another set of stairs leading up. Go up then turn right. You should see the Health and Body Armor Icons. Go up to them and use the Look Ahead feature to turn around. You should see another incomplete small room with two entrances. You should see the package through the right entrance.

[H40] – On top of the bridge on the east side of Fort Staunton.
Notes: You will need to carefully walk the bridge supports to get the Package.

[H42] – In the basement (southeast side) of the unfinished Pan-Lantic building.


[H43] – In open garage right of the Blista near the Pay N’ Spray.

[H44] – Tucked in cubbyhole on second floor of the carpark (north side).

[H51] – Near the end of the set of piers just north of the Callaghan Bridge and just south of the condo complex.

[H52] – At end of the L-shaped alleyway across the Callaghan Bridge south of Lips 106.

[H53] – In front of the City Hall Building just south of the Callaghan Bridge.

[H54] – In the middle section of the piers just south of the Callaghan Bridge.

Belleville Park

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[H45] – In the alleyway south of the Belleville Park Fire Station. It is up against the Uncle BJ’s Deli & Groceries store tucked in a corner by the garage doors.

[H46] – On top of Uncle BJ’s Deli & Groceries underneath the bridge loop (yes, there are two Deli places in Bellville Park. Go figure).
Notes: Go up the bridge loop and jump from it to land on the top of the building.

[H47] – Under the road tunnel just under the bridge loop south of the Fire Station.

[H48] – In basketball court in the northeast corner of the main park.

[H49] – On top of the broken drawbridge that connects Staunton Island with Shoreside Vale (Shoreside Lift Bridge). Use a car to get yourself up onto the drawbridge median and wait for it to go up and the Hidden Package will be in the middle of the bridge.

[H50] – Under the small bridge in the middle of the park.


[H55] – Behind the gated area of the Liberty City Police HQ building (northeast side next to the building).
Notes: Need to use a Police car to open the gate. There is always one in the parking lot you can use.

[H56] – Underneath the small bridge leading to Liberty City Police HQ from the main double road to the east.

[H59] – In front of the elevator of the AMCO HQ underground parking garage.

[H60] – At the topmost level of the AMCO HQ building.
Notes: Take the stairs south of the Health Icon to reach the Package.

[H68] – Behind the star statue west of Kenji’s Casino.

[H69] – At the top of the helipad at Kenji’s Casino.

Bedford Point

[H57] – Tucked in a little cubbyhole just northeast of the south church entrance on the west side of Bedford Point.

[H58] – At the end of the alley by the Hyaku Dojo sign west of the AMCO HQ building.

[H61] – On the top level of small glass building directly across the street (west) of the AMCO HQ building.

[H62] – In the small doorway facing the intersection west of Liberty Tree Offices.

[H63] – On the roof on the east side of Liberty Tree Offices.
Notes: Use the stairs in front of the underground parking garage entrance to reach the Package.

[H65] – By the Kuruma in the Liberty City Offices above ground parking lot.

[H66] – In the Liberty Tree Offices underground parking garage.

[H67] – On the walkway west of the subway entrances.

Staunton Island

[H64] – Behind the rocks near the pier west of Liberty Tree Offices.

Cochrane Dam

[H70] – On the backside of west dam dome at top of the dam.

[H71] – On the backside of east dam dome at top of the dam.

[H72] – On top of east dam tower at the base of the dam.

[H73] – On top of the main dam building at the base of the west side of the dam (on the backside – against the dam).

[H74] – At the base of the main dam building at the the west side of the dam.
Notes: The Package is right up against the large building at the base of Cochrane Dame. It is on ground level on the south side of the building. It is in the corner where the building and dam meet.

[H80] – In the fenced off area in on the east side of the Fudge Packing Factory.
Notes: Use an ambulance and drive over to the Undercover Storage Company and use it to jump onto the crates and onto the wall next to the Fudge Packing Factory. Jump onto the factory and make your way to the area and jump down. Another option is to do the Unique Stunt Jump at the Undercover Storage Company and jump into the area.

Cedar Grove

[H75] – In the backyard of the beige house (second house from left).

[H76] – On the back porch of the grey house (to the right and next to the beige house).

[H77] – On the front porch of the grey house (fourth house from the left).

[H78] – In the empty pool inside the Columbian Mansion.
Notes: You will need a Cartel Cruiser to enter the facility.

[H81] – In the overpass tunnel (east side) north of the Porter Tunnel entrance.

Shoreside Vale

[H79] – By picnic tables near the shoreline (at sea level – east of H78).

Pike Creek

[H82] – On the roof (near the end) of the garage behind the Police Station.

[H83] – In the fenced off area on the east side of Liberty Pharmaceuticals.

[H87] – On top of the west crate on the north side of Burke Supply Company (east of Hope Medical College).
Notes: Jump onto the wall that goes along the street next to the crate and jump down onto the crate (use the overhead view for best results). Another option is to steal an Ambulance from the hospital next door, drive to the crate, jump onto the Ambulance, and onto the crate to get the package.

[H88] – Behind Hope Medical College.

[H89] – On the awning of the east building of the Turtle Head Fishing Co.
Notes: Use the stairs to reach the top of the building next door and then jump onto the awning to reach the package.

[H90] – On ground level and in the space between the same building where you got H89 and the east side of the wall surrounding the Turtle Head Fishing Co.

Wichita Gardens

[H84] – In the northeast corner near your hideout behind the signs (and also behind the Toyz Van).

[H85] – In the entranceway of the apartment complex across the street from the YFBC sign.

[H86] – Between the apartment complexes south of the bridge.

[H91] – Underneath the broken twisted bridge east of the Turtle Head Fishing Co.

Francis International Airport

[H92] – Beside the Firetruck at the Francis International Airport Fire Station.

[H93] – Underneath wing of plane on the westmost side of large group of planes west of main airport dome (just southeast of McAdam Airways hangar).

[H94] – At the west side of the main airport dome.
Notes: Drive through gate west of the Firetruck and drive west to get the package.

[H95] – Underneath plane docked at gate south of large group of planes.

[H96] – Behind billboards along the roundabout near the subway entrance.

[H97] – Near the Francis International Airport subway platform at the bottom of the stairs.

[H98] – On top of helipad in the southwest corner of airport area.

[H99] – On the lower edge of the runway running NW to SE just southeast of H98.

[H100] – On the lowermost level at the end of the east-west runway (east end).

Hidden Packages Bonuses

And here is what you get for your troubles! Every time you collect 10 hidden packages a weapons is unlocked, and finally you’ll get a bonus $1m if you get all 100.

Collect 10 PackagesPistol
Collect 20 PackagesUzi
Collect 30 PackagesGrenades
Collect 40 PackagesShotgun
Collect 50 PackagesBody Armor
Collect 60 PackagesMolotov Cocktails
Collect 70 PackagesAK-47
Collect 80 PackagesSniper Rifle
Collect 90 PackagesM-16
Collect 100 PackagesRocket Launcher & $1,000,000

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