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GTA 3 Android and iPhone Cheats


On this page you’ll find all the GTA 3 Android and iPhone Cheats and how to enter them because most phones don’t have their own keyboard, and you’ll need one, or a virtual one to enter these GTA 3 Android and iPhone cheats.

As well as the cheat codes below, there are some gameplay tips and cheats such as how to fit more cars in your garage, make easy kills and how to get free car resprays, you’ll find these over on our GTA 3 PC Cheats page.

We’ve also got a comprehensive guide to all GTA 3 Hidden Package Locations.

How to enter GTA 3 Android Cheats

To enter GTA 3 Android Cheats you’ll need some kind of keyboard, either a physical one connected via USB or Bluetooth, or you may be able to get away with a keyboard app that you can run while you are playing GTA 3.

If you want to go down the App route, it’s cheaper, please remember to look only on the Official Google Play Store, a quick Google search of the term GTA 3 Game Keyboard will bring up a load of links, some of which look quite unsavory, so please make sure that you just look for tried and tested apps in the Play Store. Search for Game Keyboard to find some apps and see what works for your device.

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How to enter GTA 3 iPhone Cheats

Despite coming with it’s own virtual keyboard, this will not work for you to enter in GTA 3 iPhone cheats unless your phone is Jailbroken.

The best route to enter GTA 3 iPhone cheats is to connect a USB or Bluetooth keyboard and enter the following codes with that device conneted.

GTA 3 Vice City Android and iPhone Cheats

Please note that some cheat effects may stay permanently in your game if you save your game while the cheats are enabled.

EffectCheat Code
Full ArmorTURTOISE (or TORTOISE in version 1.1)
Unlock all weaponsGUNSGUNSGUNS
Decrease Wanted levelNOPOLICEPLEASE
Increase Wanted levelMOREPOLICEPLEASE
Faster time/gameplayTIMEFLIESWHENYOU
Spawn Rhino (tank)GIVEUSATANK
Enable flying carsCHITTYCHITTYBB
Destroy nearby carsBANGBANGBANG
See through vehicles ANICESETOFWHEELS
Pedestrians attackNOBODYLIKESME
Pedestrians have weaponsWEAPONSFORALL
Really Foggy WeatherILOVESCOTLAND
Really, Really Foggy WeatherPEASOUP

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