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GTA 2 PS Cheats


Here you will find all GTA 2 PS cheats. The much anticipated sequel to the original Grand Theft Auto game was released in 1999, two years after the released of the first game in the series.

While it didn’t bring anything radically different to the table, it is still a much loved game, receiving numerous awards and achieving massive sales numbers.

The following codes are GTA 2 PS cheats are for the PlayStation version of the game. You simply enter your selected cheat code from the list below as your name to activate the cheat.

You can enter different cheats in the same game by going back to the name entry screen and entering a new cheat code.

Level SelectITSALLUP
1 Million PointsBIGSCORE
5x MultiplierHIGHFIVE
Maximum Manted LevelDESIRES
Display CoordinatesWUGGLES

Change Radio Station
Press up while driving any car

GameShark Codes

As well as GTA 2 PS Cheats, we have some more codes here. These are version 3.2 GameShark codes, and can be used with an original GameShark device and original North American version of the game, or via your emulation device and going to the cheat menu.

General Codes

Infinite Health
80145A9A 0064

Infinite Lives
80120008 0063

Max Money
8011FD0C 967F
8011FD0E 0098

Infinite Bonus & Kill Frenzy Time
800A419A 2400

No Cops
80145A8E 0000

Lots of Cops
80145A8E 2EE0

No Kills
8012A870 0000

Max Number of Kills
8012A870 FFFF

30026348 0001

No Cops
3002634A 0001

5x Multiplier
3002634B 0001

10 Million Points
3002634C 0001

Most Wanted
3002634F 0001

All Areas Unlocked
30026349 0001

Open All Normal Areas
80024F24 0003

Open All Bonus Areas
D0024F1C 0000
80024F1C 0001
80024F28 0009

Weapons Codes

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GTA 2 PC Cheats

All Weapons
3002634E 0001

All Weapons (Normal Max Ammo)
D0164D6C 0000
50000B28 0000
80164D6C 03E7

All Weapons (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164D6C 0000
50000B28 0000
80164D6C FFFF

Pistol Max Ammo
D0164D6C 0000
80164D6C 03E7

Pistol (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164D6C 0000
80164D6C FFFF

S-Uzi Machine Gun Max Ammo
D0164D94 0000
80164D94 03E7

S-Uzi Machine Gun (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164D94 0000
80164D94 FFFF

Rocket Launcher Max Ammo
D0164DBC 0000
80164DBC 03E7

Rocket Launcher (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164DBC 0000

Zapper Max Ammo
D0164DE4 0000
80164DE4 03E7

Zapper (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164DE4 0000
80164DE4 FFFF

Molotav Cocktail Max Ammo
D0164E0C 0000
80164E0C 03E7

Molotav Cocktail (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164E0C 0000
80164E0C FFFF

Grenades Max Ammo
D0164E34 0000
80164E34 03E7

Grenades (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164E34 0000
80164E34 FFFF

Shotgun Max Ammo
D0164E5C 0000
80164E5C 03E7

Shotgun (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164E5C 0000
80164E5C FFFF

ElectroGun Max Ammo
D0164E84 0000
80164E84 03E7

ElectroGun (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164E84 0000
80164E84 FFFF

Flame Thrower Max Ammo
D0164EAC 0000
80164EAC 03E7

Flame Thrower (Kill Frenzy Ammo)
D0164EAC 0000

If you are playing the PC version of the game, check out our GTA 2 PC cheats page.

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