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We have all the GTA 2 PC cheats on this page. As well as the cheats, there are also some registry edit codes too below.

To use these GTA 2 PC cheats you must first change the player name to GOURANGA. Press the Enter button to set it.

Then change your player name again to one of the cheats below. You can actually enter many cheats during one game by changing your name again and again for every cheat that you want to activate.

One things to note about the GTA 2 PC cheats below is that some of them will only work for the North American version of the game, and some will only work for the UK/European version of the game.

If you are playing on the PlayStation version of the game, then check out our GTA 2 PS Cheats.

God Mode, Level Select and All Weapons IAMASUCKER
God Mode But Can Be ArrestedLIVELONG
All Weapons and Max AmmoGODOFGTA
Some Weapons and Max AmmoDAVEMOON
Level SelectITSALLUP
99 LivesCUTIE1
Unlimited Get out of Jail Free CardsGAOLLOT, JAILBAIT, HHUBEMAN, or BARFXSEK
Raise Wanted Level to MaximumDESIRES
Free ShoppingEATSOUP
Enable Blood SplattersGOREFEST
Gives you $500,000MUCHCASH
Gives you $200,000 DANISGOD 
Gives you $9,999,999 IAMDAVEJ
5x MultiplierHIGHFIVE
10 Million PointsBIGSCORE
Everyone NakedNEKKID
Some People Turn into ElvisLASVEGAS
Stars a Riot in the CityBUCKFAST
Increased BrutalityBEEFCAKE
Invisibility HUNSRUS
Keep weapons after you dieARSESTAR
All respects from three gangsMADEMAN
Unlocks all bonus levelsTUMYFROG
Gives you 10 Bonus MultiplierSEGARULZ
Unlocks All CitiesBEMEALL
Small VehiclesFISHFLAP
Gives you Flamethrower FLAMEON
Gives you Electricity Ray gunVOLTFEST
Display CoordinatesWUGGLES
Debug Basic ScriptsNO FRILLS
A Hamster runs across the screenMEATMAN

GTA 2 PC Registry Cheats

As well as the above cheats that you can access by changing your name in the game, you can also make changes to the game by editing the registry file for your game.

However, if you make a mistake or it goes wrong you can damage your whole system… Not just your game. So please only consider doing this if you are prepared to take that risk, and know what you are doing.

Even if you do go ahead and edit your registry, be sure that you make a backup first.

We cannot be held responsible if you damage your registry and your computer system. This is done at your own risk.

First you need to open your registry editor by typing REGEDIT in the Run command via the Start Menu.

Now find this tree:

Now create a new String Value called do_debug_keys and set it’s value to 1.

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Next you have to enter the following String Values, as shown below. Set them to 1 to activate or 0 to disable.

DescriptionString Name
Turns blood on and offdo_blood
Generally invulnerable except for falling into waterdo_invulnerable
Start the game with all weapons and max ammoget_all_weapons
Keep weapons after you diekeep_weapons_after_death
Everything that costs money in the game is now freedo_free_shopping
Infinite Livesdo_infinite_lives
Removes cops from the gameskip_police
Removes ambulances from the gameskip_ambulance
Removes fire engines from the game skip_fire_engines
Removes trainsskip_trains
Removes bussesskip_busses

Debug Mode Keys

With the game running with the edited registry entry, and ‘
do_debug_keys’ set to 1 , you can use the keys on the number pad to operate the Teleporter. You have to be in a car for this to work.

0 Activate teleport.
8 Move north
2 Move south
6 Move east
4 Move west
5 Centre screen
7 Zoom out
9 Zoom in

Use keys 1 – 5 along the top row of your keyboard to edit respect.

1 Cycles through respect for Gang 1
2 Cycles through respect for Gang 2
3 Cycles through respect for Gang 3
4 Cycles through Wanted Level
5 Clears Wanted Level

You also have the following controls:

C – Displays coordinates
Num Del – Restore health / vehicle

Please remember to be careful if you decide to edit your registry, you can ruin your computer if you make a mistake or it goes wrong.

If you are playing on the Playstation version of the game then this is the page for you: GTA 2 PS Cheats.

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